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Fabulous Fathers

Let me begin by giving a Shout-Out to all dads who are making a difference in the lives of their children. In these days where dead beat dads are common, good fathers should be celebrated and encouraged. And despite all the negative reports we hear in our community and demeaning fatherly figures on TV, there are a great deal of positive father figures to be recognized and appreciated. I call these: Fabulous Fathers. In fact, allow me to high light two fabulous fathers in the Bible.

Consider Abraham: Abraham (father of Isaac) is known as the father of many nations. As a man, he staggered not at the promises of God but believed God and was counted to be righteous. Yet even before the birth of his sons Isaac and Ishmael, Abraham served in a fatherly role to his nephew Lot. When the land that they dwelt on was too small to hold both of their livestock, Abraham gave Lot first choice. He essentially said, you pick and I will take what is left. (Genesis 13:9) When Lot moved to Sodom and was taken captive by foreign Kings, it was Abraham who rescued him.

Later when Sodom and Gomorrah was set to be destroyed for their wickedness, Abraham pleaded with God to show mercy.

Fabulous fathers help their children financially and are willing at times to place the need of their family/children before their own. Fabulous fathers are protectors and are quick to come to the rescue of their children when they are in trouble.

Consider the case of the Merciful Father of the Prodigal Son as shared by Jesus (Luke 15:11). After the younger son requested his inheritance and wasted it on riotous living, he came to himself while feeding the pigs and returned to his father’s house ashamed and humiliated.

But the Merciful father saw him afar off, ran to him, had compassion on him, kissed him, put the best robe on him, placed a ring on his finger, killed the fatted ram and threw a party for his youngest son. But when the oldest son came out of the field and saw that there was a party, he was upset. So the father came out to him and entreated him and told him all that he had was his (the oldest son).

Fabulous fathers celebrate the restoration of their children and do not hold grudges from past hurts or play mind games. In addition, these dads are able address and reconcile hurts between siblings and give fair treatment to all.

Finally, being able to make a baby does not make a man a father. But being involved in the lives of your children, providing for them financially, training them to treat people right and love God, and giving them good sound advice are keys to make any man not simply a good dad, but a fabulous father.

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